Matilde – closet visit

This video is full of colorful, magical things. This video takes you into a new world of fashion and delicious treats.


The Radio Dept.

The Radio Dept is a band from Sweden. Their music is something I can listen to all day. This band started in 1995 and is still releasing albums.

here are two of their songs I love


loire valley by Olivia Rae James

Olivia Rae James videos and beautiful. This is one of my favorites, I love pretty much everything about it!  The music, effects, the place it was shot they all make up a great video.

Kings Of Convenience

this band is currently my latest obsession.  Their music is calm and relaxing I just want to lie in the sun and listen to them all day. I recently got their album declaration of dependence and I love every track on it! particularly this one: