This is a cake and chocolate store in England. Their cakes are truly a work of art, everyone you look at is different. choccywoccydoodah has it’s own Tv show where you can see the wonders inside the shop and how they create their creations.


Kings Of Convenience

this band is currently my latest obsession.  Their music is calm and relaxing I just want to lie in the sun and listen to them all day. I recently got their album declaration of dependence and I love every track on it! particularly this one:


Dadu Shin’s  Work is really good. I can’t stop looking at his pictures.

The Little drom store

this store has some really cute accessories. I especially love their necklaces , they are all brightly coloured and fun.


Cellardoor is a online magazine, I love it


I found this brand a few days ago and they have some really pretty dresses.


lately I’ve been loving toast and a thought came to me, why don’t I make my own spreads. I found some recipes for:

Almond butter :

peanut butter:

Cherry Jam:


elena kholkina

elenas photos are really quite amazing

Cat Vs Humans

Yasmine’s  cat comics and both funny and cute 🙂

here is her site –

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a British  fashion photographer that photographs for like Vogue. His photography takes people back to there childhood fantasies.