Floral Clutches & coin purses

These clutches and purses are just adorable. They come in many different colours and designs. I just want to take them all home with me.



Papillionaire Bicycles

These vintage bikes are beautiful. There are many colours and styles to choose from and all look amazing. These bikes even come with a wicker basket where you can put your flowers or whatever you may choose in.


Broken Glass Jello

This jelly looks amazing! I would love to make them sometime for a party or just for the fun of it.


Matilde – closet visit

This video is full of colorful, magical things. This video takes you into a new world of fashion and delicious treats.

The Radio Dept.

The Radio Dept is a band from Sweden. Their music is something I can listen to all day. This band started in 1995 and is still releasing albums.

here are two of their songs I love


Mod Cloth

I love their clothes. Mod cloth have vintage clothes of all types and some really cute accessories, you can find some amazing outfits for any occasion.


loire valley by Olivia Rae James

Olivia Rae James videos and beautiful. This is one of my favorites, I love pretty much everything about it!  The music, effects, the place it was shot they all make up a great video.


This is a cake and chocolate store in England. Their cakes are truly a work of art, everyone you look at is different. choccywoccydoodah has it’s own Tv show where you can see the wonders inside the shop and how they create their creations.

Kings Of Convenience

this band is currently my latest obsession.  Their music is calm and relaxing I just want to lie in the sun and listen to them all day. I recently got their album declaration of dependence and I love every track on it! particularly this one:


Dadu Shin’s  Work is really good. I can’t stop looking at his pictures.